Student working on his research papers in the library.

Library Services

McMillen Library offers a wide range of library services for students, faculty, and staff. We can help you quickly find relevant information resources from reputable sources or help locate materials not held by our library. We also provide training in the use of library resources.


  • Instruction Classroom:¬†Library instruction sessions are held in our Instruction Classroom. Our classroom can accommodate up to 21 students and includes a projector.
  • Computer Lab: The library is equipped with 30 computer workstations. Minitab, Maple, AutoCAD, and MatLab have been installed on four of these workstations.
  • Study Rooms: We have two private study rooms available for a quiet place to study or meet with a small group. Speak with a library staff member to learn more or to reserve one of the rooms.
  • Color Copier: The library color copier has print, copy, and email capabilities.
  • Study Tables: The library has ¬†numerous tables for student use.
  • Assistance for Students with Disabilities: A large computer screen is available for use by students with visual impairments. We also have an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. Other assistance is available upon request.