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Distance Education Policy


The mission of McMillen Library at Indiana Tech is to provide convenient access to those resources needed to support student learning, faculty instruction, and research, as well as promoting the virtues of intellectual inquiry, acquisition of knowledge, and excellence in scholarship for all members of the university’s community.

Definition of Distance Learner

McMillen Library recognizes any student enrolled in an online course through Indiana Tech as a Distance Learner.

Access to McMillen Library

All currently enrolled students at Indiana Tech are allowed access to McMillen Library resources regardless of one’s personal physical location.

Physical Access

Any currently enrolled student at Indiana Tech is eligible for a Student ID card, which can be obtained from the Security Office in Andorfer Commons. Follow this link to complete a request form. The University issued ID card allows the student access to the physical McMillen Library, library computers, and printers.

Remote Access

All currently enrolled students are issued a campus username and password. This would be the same login a student uses to access Blackboard. The username and password will also grant students access to McMillen Library’s online databases and eBooks.

How to Obtain Reference Assistance

E-Learning Librarian

McMillen Library staffs a full time E-Learning Librarian to provide assistance to Distance Learners. This staff member may be contacted for help.

Janet Riley, E-Learning Librarian

260-422-5561, ext. 3443

Ask A Librarian

McMillen Library provides an online form which students may fill out to contact a librarian when they are in need of reference assistance. This form can be found at The form can be used anytime day or night.

Research Guides

McMillen Library provides a number of Research Guides on various topics, and these are found here: These guides provide users with a starting point when conducting research, or highlight topic areas to show where one can learn more about specific subject matter.

Accessing Resources

Accessing Electronic Databases

The library subscribes to and maintains many databases for student and faculty use. The databases provide citations and access to full-text articles.

McMillen Library’s home page,, provides links to access all of the library’s electronic databases and eBooks. Students may login using their university issued credentials.

Accessing McMillen Library’s Online Public Access Catalog

eBooks can be accessed from the student’s computer immediately. These books may be viewed online, or checked out for offline reading. Please see for directions on how to download eBooks.

Accessing Materials from Other Libraries

Sometimes a user will seek full-text access to a book or article that McMillen Library does not have access to. Users may wish to visit their own local public or university library in attempt to obtain these materials.

Patrons may visit McMillen Library to request an Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) card, which can then be used to obtain materials from these libraries. Please inquire at the McMillen Library Welcome Desk about this possibility.

Interlibrary Loan

If the material cannot be obtained from other libraries, Interlibrary Loan is a possible option for acquiring access to the resource. This is a service where McMillen Library can ask another library if their copy can be used. You can request an Interlibrary Loan by completing the Interlibrary Loan Form.

The user may also contact Jane Feyl,, to request materials.

Obtaining Books

McMillen Library is unable to mail Interlibrary Loan books to students. If a student wishes to order a book through Interlibrary Loan, he/she must be prepared to come to McMillen Library Welcome Desk and pick up the book in person. Also, the book must be physically returned to the McMillen Library Welcome Desk, or the book drop located outside, when the patron is finished with it.

Obtaining Articles

Articles are obtained through Interlibrary Loan electronically. Therefore, if a student wishes to request an article, the student’s school email address will be used unless another email address is provided. If McMillen Library is able to obtain the article, access to the article will be sent to the student’s email.